Herbert Stam

Pencil drawings of inner processes


What went before.

Born in a creative family (1945) I started early to make drawings, but only when feeling connected with something or someone. Than the inspiration came by itself. I did not know this was a talent and I did not do much with it.

But what is inside wants to come out sooner or later and in my case this happened in a special way. In the end of 1986 I had a near death experience. I stood with a transparent body next to my earthly body and in front of me stood a radiant being of light. He brought me to a world of light and love where I could stay for three days.

Back on earth I was confronted with all kind of problems and I started working on all what was in the way. I did massage for better body contact and emotional and spiritual workshops and on a certain moment I started drawing again. But now in an inner connection with the world of light and love. And so drawings like the one above came to life. They represent colors and energy that come to earth in often symbolic form. They are meant to connect with and in meditation one can travel in them on an inner journey.


These drawings I only make when it gives me pleasure to make them. I am not a driven artist for production. I like to work for people in connection with them. And the best connection is around  the table. Than we work on the iner steps one makes or not makes for the better in the situation shown to me. I do this as a fellow man; I have no practice. People can come to my home or they can invite me to come to their home. And because I believe that a better world only comes by what we do out of love for one and other I do not even ask money unless I have to make expenses.  

The logo below.

In my near death experience I was standing besides my body but later I saw myself like that in the body. Because of this I made this logo as a reminder of who we truly are. Descended from the highest level of consciousness we are here to overcome whatever is in the way to become the angel that we are.

I hope that you find here what helps you on your inner journey to light.

In love and friendship,