Herbert Stam

Drawings from Spirit


Dear visitor,

In 1945 I was born in a creative family. As a adolescent I was often busy, with sketchbook and pencils, for children in the neighborhood telling and illustrating, about anything and everything, out of inner inspiration. I did not realize that that was a talent but when I was three days in a coma (late 1986) I gained insight in my inner talent. After my recovery I was then guided to make drawings when I focussed on a person, a group or another subject. But I never made a job out of my talent. Being together as in my youth is what I still like. For me it is about connecting and exchanging from heart to heart. 

Because I had to draw what was shown to me I also learned the technique to express the energy. The drawings often have multiple layers to add all the frequencies of energy. The drawings  are meant to connect with. They have a healing effect; they are activations for higher energies. One who is sensitive can feel this.

Allthough I can draw pretty well I always felt that drawing on paper was not my real goal. For me it was not about the art but about the inner being and my connection with them. And some psychics said: you do not know half of who you are; you have to ground yourself much more on earth. You are needed for the transition to a higher consciousness. In Maya terms I am a yellow overtone star; a stargate... That stimulated me to look deeper to find what was in the way. I did some training and workshops and the more I released the more I could connect with my inner being. On a certain moment I saw myself as a inner person of light in an earthly body. And what is in me is in you and all living form. Of what I saw I made a logo and where I can I guide people to dis~cover this in themselve too.

At the LINKS below I explain more.

In love and friendship,