Example of an inner process


------------ sitting on the table -------------

I see her standing in a meadow on a hill. The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and there are no clouds. She is barefoot and wears a blue floral dress. She is a year of 12-13 there. She is standing to the left (in the way I work, to the past) looking at a well that is covered with square stones. She does not dare to go there.

I am with you, you don’t have to do this alone.

Hesitantly she goes to the well.

Remove the stones, trust. She does so but there is fear of the water in the well.

I look into the pit and see in the front a dark shadow but there is also light on the other side and deeper inside a glimmering of something. I tell her this. But the fear remains.

Will I stand with you?

Yes, please!

I step spiritually into her process and sensitive as she is she experiences my inner being there. Shall I hold your hand?

No that is not necessary. Just stay with me.

She now climbs into the pit, enters the dark water and I follow her down. Below is an oval cave with a warm light of golden crystals on the bottom. A bit further to the right, in some natural shade is a small box. Because there is some shade there she hesitates again. (darkness often is an idea that is in the way)

I invite her to go there, I do not see anything scary. She kneels and opens the box. There is a heart of deep blue with golden tingling. She takes it in her hands and cherishes it at her heart. She is happy. Suddenly she is outside again and enthusiastically runs down the hill to an old house. Inside, it is cozy with softly muffled light. In a simple room, an old woman sits in an armchair by a window. A little bit of light falls through the closed yellow-brown curtain. She sleeps with her head upright as if she is alert at the same time. On a small round table at the left of her by the window is an small empty box. The girl puts the heart in it. The old woman now smiles softly. What she had lost is back. She can now go in peace. The girl sits beside her for a while and than says goodbye to returns to her own home in a small town with red roofs behind the dunes.

    After the session she goes home and feels different, more cheerful. Without being able to explain it, something has changed inside. Later she came back for some other processes.

------------- a session on distance -------------

In spirit we are all free and there are no material barriers like the body or walls. So we can connect with one and other. This I do when making the drawings but I can also do a session for the inner being that we are. In this case there was a father asking help for his 16 year old daughter. Father and mother were about to divorce and a lot of tension was going on. Because I do not work without permission of the person and she did not know this I asked on hesitated her permission and it was alright.

She is in a dark mood due to the coming separation of her parents. She experiences everything as dark and colorless. In her room she stands in front of a wardrobe. She  opens with her left hand the left door and she only sees dark clothes. I step in her room as a 10 year old child. She does not notice my presence. I have a box of energetic pencils with dots of colored light. I "draw" a craquelure glass jar containing a warm burning candle. I put the jar in the right corner on the top shelf in the cupboard. The light shows a bright red sweater. At her bedside I put a long burning candle in a stand on the floor. Like a flame that watches over her and burns negative energy away. Then I leave the room. I went back a two times for further treatment and then got a signal that it was enough.

Her father calls me a few days later and says she dresses with more color and behaves accordingly.

With some I did this for more than a year but as with making drawings I sat alone while I like to work in direct contact with people. Connected in spirit but separate on earth is not what I like. So working on distance I only do for people I know when it feels good for me to support them.

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